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The Most Powerful Endless Aisle Application

Expand Your Showroom

Always Up-To-Date

Unmatched Performance

Don't just show what's on your floor. Solve the ‘narrow assortment’ problem and create a better customer experience by giving your guests choices.

Your product catalog is current 24/7 thanks to smart background updates. Discontinued items are removed over night. New introductions are added automatically.

Offline-capable application offering unparalleled speed and responsiveness. Optimized for brick & mortar retail as it still works with a weak or flakey Internet connection.

Custom Pricing

Full Catalog Control

Shopping Cart

Catalog Kiosk lets you display up to 5 different pricing tiers for retail, rental, and special financing pricing. Powerful POS integrations streamline the path to purchase even more.

Define what's displaying on your in-store kiosks by curating the assortment, managing product details, categories, pricing and fluff in our easy-to-use management console.

Let your guests go down the path-to-purchase with the built-in shopping cart. Connect to your POS or eCommerce application for a fully transactional kiosk experience.

Nothing Sells More per Square Foot

Show What's Available!

I want to learn more about Catalog Kiosk and what it can do for my brick & mortar business!

22" Kiosk showing categories page for chairs
42" kiosk with attractor screen showing top categories

Step 1.

Choose your subscription.

Choose from one of our three subscription plans that give you access to the digital catalogs of all the vendors that we carry.

3 different kiosk screen sizes

Step 2.

Choose your hardware.

For your convenience we offer commercial-grade kiosk hardware & installation bundles. We are your in-store kiosk one-stop-shop.

Step 3.

Sell moreproducts.

After you sign up for the Catalog Kiosk service we will schedule your in-depth training with a Customer Success Coach to maximize your return on investment.

Ready to Sell More Per Square Foot?

Join thousands of retailers who have discovered the one tool with proven double-digit sales lift. 

"Wondersign is a terrific tool for our store. The salespeople find it easy to use and beneficial when helping guests. We have had sales both big and small as a direct result of having the Wondersign."

"One of the best investments I have ever made for my business. The kiosk creates sales on a regular basis. The Wondersign team is fantastic in regards to their responsiveness to inquiries and updates."

Compass Furniture

Rick's Furniture

Jefferson, LA

Sulphur, OK

Product Selection:Maximized!

Select The Plan That Fits Your Business

BASIC and BRICKS & CLICKS plans include in-store kiosk license and tablet license(s)

* Catalog data availability is at the sole discretion of the respective brand. Wondersign will not deliver catalog content until all account information has been approved individually by each brand. ** Real-time inventory available from select vendors. Availability of this service is at vendor's discretion and may be removed at any point without notice.








When paid annually. Monthly Plan: $600/mo

When paid annually. Monthly Plan: $450/mo

When paid annually. Monthly Plan: $200/mo

Expert plan for fully automating your omni-channel shopping experience across online and offline sales channels.

Advanced product data syndication for retailers who sell solely on Shopify and BigCommerce.

All the basics for an omni-channel shopping experience in your store - and an easy way to use product data online.

Explore The Full Potential

Great For Pop-Up Stores

POS & eCommerce Integrations

Are you planning a new "Shop-in-Shop" concept or will you soon open your first pop-up store? Catalog Kiosk is the perfect digital product catalog solution for that.

Connect your in-store kiosk with compatible POS software or your

e-commerce platform to offer guests a smooth checkout experience.

Get To Know Your Guests

"Lost Lead" Sales Automation

'Shopper Analytics' allows you to learn more about guests in your store and the most popular categories and products. Use it to test products or new categories.

Follow up with automated texts and emails to re-engage leads collected on your in-store kiosks. This has proven to increase close rate dramatically!

How Tim Was Able To Compete With A National Chain

Tim Finseth is the owner of a small-town hardware store in Warren, MN. To beable to compete with a national chain, he decided to add more categoriesto his store. His problem: How much floor space does he need to give up?

"The kiosk probably paid for itself 10 times over the first 90 days it was in our showroom!"

"Customers love the kiosk and it is helping to close sales especially with product that is not displayed on the floor."

"Our Wondersign kiosk is a magnet to our customers and has led to more pieces per order and a higher average sales check."

Clinton Appliance & Furniture

Brothers Furniture

Simply Discount

Clinton, NC

Philadelphia, PA

Santa Clarita, CA

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